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Duncan Laurence’s staging to contain lasers?

Duncan Laurence will have a stage performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 which will contain lasers, Dutch media report. The man responsible for the lighting show for “Arcade” is Ignace D’Haese.

Laser rehearsal

The report, published by journalist Richard van de Crommert, reveals that a rehearsal with the lasers took place on 22 April in the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest. The laser show was used to get the focus right and took several hours. The weeks prior to the contest were all about the stand-in rehearsals for Eurovision.

Ignace D’Haese is the man behind this part of the Dutch staging. The Belgian has been working in lighting design for over 25 years. Together with his team, he has a company which specialises in lighting designs for stage shows, called ARFYES.

Lasers can of course mean various things. The general expectation is that the lasers will create a blue effect to replicate the water idea we saw in the official video. Twitter user @The_EscBull responded to the idea with an image of blue lasers, which might give us an indication of the effect for “Arcade”:

Return of Hans Pannecoucke

Hans Pannecoucke is once again the staging director for the Netherlands. He has been present at the contest since 2014, when he directed the staging for The Common Linnets. He has since directed every Dutch act, except for OG3NE.

Pannecoucke shares the responsibility of staging “Arcade” with Ilse DeLange. The singer, who finished as runner-up in Copenhagen, is Duncan Laurence’s mentor. She will also travel to Tel Aviv to support him and the delegation, as well as to pay attention to how things are staged and how they look on the screens.

Duncan Laurence will have his first rehearsal at the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday. The current #1 with bookmakers will take to the stage at 15:00 local time in Tel Aviv.

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