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LIVE DAY 2 REVIEW: 🇮🇸 Hatari goes all out on the PVC – Iceland 🇮🇸

Belgium, Georgia, Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece and San Marino are rehearsing today at the Expo Tel Aviv are live in Israel at the Expo Tel Aviv press centre for day 2 of rehearsals ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019! The countries rehearsing today, in chronological order, are Belgium, Georgia, Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Portugal, Greece and San Marino.

Below, you’ll see our written review of each rehearsal. If you want more, you can follow our live stream from the press centre at the Expo Tel Aviv by visiting our home page. There, you can watch our immediate reactions to every single rehearsal.

Furthermore, read our handy guide for a more detailed look at this contest’s rehearsal schedule.

Rehearsing right now inside the Expo Tel Aviv is Hatari, performing “Hatrið mun sigra” for Iceland. We will continue to update this article as each run through takes place, so make sure to keep refreshing for the most up-to-date review!

Hatari makes use of LED and pyrotechnics as soon as the performance begins. Matthias takes the lead in the beginning, but as soon as the performance begins, Klemens then takes the centre stage with two female backing dancers.

Siguror and Einar are placed in a metal sphere, where Einar plays with a whip, whilst Siguror breaks out of the main stage with Matthias whilst Klemens sings the chorus.

Towards the end of the song, all the members of Hatari, gather around by the spehere, as various pyrotechnics shoot up from the ground. With Klemens kneeling to the floor as he try and reach those high notes whilst Matthias stand behind him.

Stay tuned for our reviews for the rest of today’s rehearsals here at the Expo Tel Aviv. If you want to know what to expect for the rest of the day, check out our rehearsal schedule. Meanwhile, remember to tune in to our live stream from the press centre, via our home page, for instant reactions to each rehearsal!

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