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Eurovision 2011 sand artist Kseniya Simonova returns for Moldova

One of the most remarkable rehearsals of the day today came from Moldova. Anna Odobescu’s performance has an interesting visual element, as she’s being accompanied by a sand artist. It has now been revealed that that sand artist is Kseniya Simonova.

From Mika Newton to Anna Odobescu

Simonova is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest. Soon after the Moldovan rehearsals today, people commented that there were striking similarities between the performance for “Stay” and the one for “Angel”, the Ukraianian entry in 2011. That can be correct, as they indeed use the same sand artist. Anna Odobescu is the second artist Kseniya Simonova supports at the contest after Mika Newton eight years ago. She confirmed her involvement on her Instagram account:

The Ukrainian artist first rose to fame in 2009, when she won Ukraine’s Got Talent. Her victory there opened the doors to great things. One of those events was her participation in AGT: The Champions. She placed in third there, becoming the highest ranked non-American act to compete. During her audition, host Terry Crews hit the golden buzzer for her. She defeated some fierce competition, such as Susan Boyle from the United Kingdom.

Eight years ago, the performance Ukraine delivered in Düsseldorf was well received. This was, most likely, mainly thanks to the sand artistry taking place in the background. Moldova will be hoping for a similar effect this year in the pursuit of their third consecutive top ten result.

Do you think Kseniya Simonova’s involvement can help Moldova? Let us know what you think!

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