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Mika Newton and Kseniya Simonov respond to Moldova ‘copying’ accusations

"It does look almost identical, and she even brought Kseniya there"

Yesterday, Moldova’s Anna Odobescu took to the stage for her first rehearsal of “Stay”. Upon seeing pictures and clips of the rehearsal, fans were surprised to see the striking similarities between Anna’s staging and Mika Newton’s staging from the 2011 contest. It transpired that Moldova have hired the same artist, Kseniya Simonova, for their staging. In light of this, both Mika and Kseniya have responded on social media.

Following the release of clips and images from Anna Odobescu’s rehearsal of “Stay”, a number of fans noted the similarities between her performance as that of Mika Newton’s “Angel” back in 2011. In light of this, many fans have reached out to Mika via her social media channels. Seeing the messages, she responded via her Instagram story:

I mean what can I say guys, she has used almost the same idea that I did in 2011. Honestly, if I inspired her and she decided to go with almost the same performance as I did, then good luck. What can I say? It’s funny because it does look almost identical, and she even brought Kseniya there.

Mika Newton speaking on her Instagram story

Not sand art, but SNOW ART

Reposting the rehearsal clip of “Stay” on her YouTube channel, Kseniya explained that she is using fake snow for Anna’s performance, not sand. Here’s the full statement:

Yes! I am back! To this amazing stage and great festival called Eurovision Song Contest! How it happened? I was dreaming to come back for a few years, and at the same time – as an international performer – I felt that sand animation is no more enough for me. I want to create something else, something different. That’s how the SNOW ART (or snow graphic) appeared. Again, only live hands and fantasy of an artist, but now it is more complicated and requires much more work. I proposed my snow fantasy to Anna, who I consider one of the strongest voices of Eurovision, and was proud and happy to be invited to do her staging act as #TeamMoldova. It had to be a theater, not a mapping, or computer graphics, it is live, magic and…snowy! Yes, we indeed brought some winter breath in hot Tel Aviv! Moldova is a very relative country to me, it is a Motherland of my husband and producer, I come there very ofthen, our big family lives there. So, I am proud and honored to be a part of #TeamMoldova! See you in semi-final 2, on May 16th! Vote for #Moldova! #TeamStay

Kseniya on her official YouTube channel

From Ukraine to Anna Moldova

Anna Odobescu is the second artist Kseniya Simonova supports at the contest after Mika Newton eight years ago. She confirmed her involvement on her Instagram account:

The Ukrainian artist first rose to fame in 2009, when she won Ukraine’s Got Talent. Her victory there opened the doors to great things. She later placed third in America’s Got Talent: The Champions, becoming the highest ranked non-American act to compete. During her audition, host Terry Crews hit the golden buzzer for her. She defeated some fierce competition, such as Susan Boyle from the United Kingdom.

Eight years ago, her live sand art made for unforgettable staging for Mika Newton’s “Angel”. The song qualified in 6th from its semi-final and ended up finishing in 4th place at the Grand Final in Düsseldorf with 149 points. Evidently, Moldova are seeking to replicate this success with “Stay” in Tel Aviv. Anna will be performing in 3rd in the second semi-final on May 16.

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