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Avrotros release making of video of “Arcade”

The official video almost entirely set under water was one of the most discussed of the year. How did they do it? What does it symbolise? Dutch broadcaster Avrotros have now released a video revealing the answers to these questions. Check out the making of of “Arcade”!

A symbol of hope

Duncan Laurence describes the experience of shooting his official video as a dream of which he cannot quite believe that it is really happening. In the first moments of the video, Duncan and his video director Paul Bellaart discuss the meaning of the under water setting of “Arcade”:

That water surface which you see from below symbolises hope. Hope you should always have, because the moment you don’t break the surface, hope will always be there.

Duncan Laurence about the official video of “Arcade”

Paul Bellaart, who was also responsible for a lot of pre-contest images for The Common Linnets back in 2014, said the idea for the water simply came from the song. He found the song perfect for a dreamy setting under water, which would look different from the world we know in everyday life.

Duncan’s mentor Ilse DeLange was also present at the recording of the official video. At one point in the ‘making of’, you see Bellaart and DeLange reacting to a shot they just recorded. After seeing the footage back, Duncan Laurence gets emotional at seeing Paul Bellaart’s creation.

Details for Tel Aviv

Avrotros also released another video after Duncan’s first rehearsal in the EXPO Tel Aviv. It shows the behind the screens proceedings after the first rehearsal on Tuesday. That video also revealed Duncan Laurence’s off screen backing vocals. We saw Sarina Voorn as one of them, with the other potentially being Kris Rietveld.

Duncan also dedicated a post to his outfit and its designer. The blue denim-looking outfit has been made of a century old linen sheets, which have been modified for Duncan’s performance. The designer is Sjaak Hullekes from fashion brand Hul le Kes.

You can watch the making of of “Arcade” below!

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