Tel Aviv 2019

Émilie Satt will be a backing vocalist for Bilal Hassani!

Émilie Satt, the female part of last year’s French entry Madame Monsieur, has been announced as a backing vocalist for this year’s entry in Tel-Aviv, Bilal Hassani.

Madame Monsieur had already announced that they would go to Tel-Aviv to support Bilal, as former representatives and as the co-writers and co-composers of his entry “Roi”. However, on Thursday, 20 Minutes revealed that Émilie Satt would also be a backing vocalist for Bilal.

There was a possibility to add a voice to the chorists, in the high notes.

Émilie Satt, to 20 Minutes

Bilal met the duo when filming the show Together for the M6 French channel, a meeting that eventually ended up in their collaboration on “Roi”, but also on most of his album, Kingdom.

And then we feel a bit responsible, because we’re the one who pushed Bilal into this. So being with him to support him is a bit like the logical continuation of the story.


I hope I will live up to the role. In any case, I am sure I will be far less stressed in the middle of the action than if I were observing him from the arena or from a screen.

Émilie Satt, to 20 Minutes

Bilal will rehearse for the first time this Friday, at 16:40 local time (15:40 CET). Will we see Émilie on the Tel-Aviv stage? Find out by following our livestream and our rehearsals reviews.

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