Kate Miller-Heidke releases new single ‘Ernie’

The song dedicated to her son shares Kate’s personal story of motherhood

Between releasing new remixes and an acoustic version of her entry ‘Zero Gravity’, there is nothing holding Kate down from sharing new content for the fans. Now the music feast continues with the release of ‘Ernie’. A song dedicated to her son and a powerful message to all mothers for Mother’s Day in Australia.


‘Ernie’ is an original piece composed especially for The Hush Foundation. A children’s charity which uses performance arts to enhance the after care, anxiety and stress in young children and their families during medical procedures. Through the Hush Music platform the song found life providing a calming atmosphere for children in hospitals. However Kate has now decided to share ‘Ernie’ and honour her own son, who the song is named after, with a worldwide release. Also at a significant time in her life as she revealed recently the Eurovision journey means that this is the longest time she has been parted from her son.

In a departure from this year’s Australian entry, ‘Ernie’ is a simple, but melodic piece fitting with the mood it was crafted for. Yet it retains the depth of character within the production. The gentle piano melody entwines with the relaxing electronic and atmospheric elements. While Kate’s lush vocals infuse themselves and embrace the warmth of the lyrics, as she tells the story of motherhood and watching her son grow up. Meanwhile reflecting that it’s not an easy journey. Yet as relates in the main hook of the song, she’s immensely lucky to have her son in her life. “I can’t believe my luck.” As with the Eurovision entry, this is another collaboration for the creative duo of Kate and her husband Keir Nuttall. Both co-writing the song together for their son.

Earnest personal meaning for Ernie

In a series of tweets on social media, Kate reveals the deeper context and inspiration for the song. Offering insight into her own experience of motherhood with her son Ernie.

Having a kid for the first time is an incredible rush of emotions. There’s elation, despair, gratitude, guilt, sorrow, hilarity and love, Ernie’s father and I wrote the song about that onslaught of often contradictory feelings. One minute you are on the verge of collapse. Immediately afterwards you’re weeping tears of joy. It’s a very concentrated experience, and it’s completely relentless. In the middle of it all is the child, this living, breathing, miracle. You keep pinching yourself. All the things they tell you about having a kid are true, but nothing can ever prepare you for it (which of course they tell you too). Happy Mother’s Day.

The honesty of Kate’s thoughts are a relatable message for any woman going through motherhood. Those feelings of being overwhelmed by the new chapter in life, reflect on her own struggles with post-natal depression after giving birth to her son in 2016. However the joy of coming through the dark and embracing the life and family she created is expressed vividly in ‘Zero Gravity’. A hopeful song that offers support and inspiration for anyone dealing with mental health issues. As well as being a public message to take the social stigma away from the discussion.

Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Earlier this February, Kate emerged triumphant in Australia’s first national final. Performing the electro-opera fusion banger ‘Zero Gravity’, co-written with her husband Keir Nuttall. She topped both the jury vote and the televote in Australia Decides. Thus winning the ticket to represent Australia in Tel Aviv. This week ‘Zero Gravity’ has soared to new heights, literally! Kate’s stunning performance in rehearsals, has seen her rise into the top 10 with the bookies. Next Tuesday she will be hoping to continue Australia’s 100% qualification streak, when she performs 12th in semi-final 1 on May 14.

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