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MyHeritage One Big Family Project: Michael Rice

The UK representative had a couple of surprises with these results!

Eurovision 2019’s presenting partner MyHeritage has launched a project titled “One Big Family”. Here, Eurovision stars of past and present will find out about their family roots. In the first part of our series uncovering this, we look at Michael Rice’s results.

Hartlepool and beyond

This year’s UK representative Michael Rice comes from Hartlepool, located on the North Sea coast of England. However, his results show that the majority of his heritage comes from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. What may come more as a surprise is that just over 30% of his heritage lies in North and Western Europe.

Michael’s full results are as follows:

MyHeritage also revealed that they found over 4,000 relatives of Michael located in 30 different countries. The majority are based in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, some were found to be from Hong Kong, Russia and Saudi Arabia!

Michael in Eurovision 2019

In just over a weeks time, Michael will take to the stage and represent the United Kingdom with his song “Bigger Than Us”. Michael earned his ticket to Tel Aviv after winning the national selection Eurovision: You Decide. He will perform in the Grand Final on Saturday 18 May.

Stay tuned as this series will continue throughout the coming days, where we will reveal more results from this year’s Eurovision participants!

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