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Dutch Eurovision stars cover classics on special Beste Zangers episode

Shows like Beste Zangers are increasingly popular in Europe. The show, which invites singers to perform covers of their colleagues, aired with a special tonight on Dutch television. Avrotros decided to make a one-time Eurovision version of the show, with artists such as OG3NE and Glennis Grace.

Classics galore

Avrotros decided to invite some of the country’s most beloved Eurovision entrants for their special. The show was hosted by Jan Smit, who will also be the country’s commentator at the contest next week, alongside Cornald Maas.

The show kicked off with Trijntje Oosterhuis. She shared the story of finding out about her pregnancy a day before setting off for Vienna in 2015. It, understandably, influenced her focus during her time at the Eurovision Song Contest that year. The singer also mentioned she wouldn’t have taken part had she known about her pregnancy before agreeing to take part.

Also on the list was Trijntje’s sister-in-law: Edsilia Rombley. The two time Eurovision entrant chose to sing “Where Are You”, Imaani’s entry at the contest in 1998. The song holds a special meaning for her, as she named her daughter after the British singer.

Another highlight was Glennis Grace’s performance. This year’s America’s Got Talent finalist mentioned she wouldn’t ever do Eurovision again, as she sees it as a one time opportunity. Her performance was the biggest Eurovision hit of the century: “Euphoria”.

Those attending the show were emotional when Willeke Alberti performed. The 75 year old is one of the most celebrated singer in the country, even though her Eurovision participation in 1994 didn’t end all too well. Her performance of “Ik Hou Van Jou” evoked tears from Edsilia and the other singers.

The last artist to perform was Jan Dulles. His band 3JS finished last at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in the semifinal with “Never Alone”. The story he shared was that of his father, who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. He chose to sing “You Let Me Walk Alone” and dedicated it to his own father.

Beste Zangers – a European success formula

Avrotros, back then TROS, started broadcasting “De Beste Zangers van Nederland” back in 2009. Over the years, many European countries bought the format to create their own versions.

The most well-known of those is Sweden’s “Så Mycket Bättre”, which has seen Eurovision stars such as Eric Saade, Kikki Danielsson and Jill Johnson take part. Belgium currently has its own version with “Liefde Voor Muziek”, where both Laura Tesoro and Ilse DeLange are taking part. DeLange scored a hit alongside Milow with “Sleeping Bag” just a few weeks ago.

Tonight’s performances

Below you can see a list of all performances in tonight’s special Eurovision episode of Beste Zangers. Click to hear more!
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