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Eurovision Daily Press Poll 2019: Jury Show for Semi-Final 2

Who won after the jury semi-final?

Day 12 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 has come to an end! The performances that the juries will score from have now been completed. As is the ESCXTRA tradition, we have conducted the daily press poll to discover how members of the press rate today’s jury performances!

How it works

After the conclusion of today’s jury performance, we asked 35 members of the press to rate today’s performances based specifically on the jury show rather than by their favourite songs. To do this, each press member chose their top 5 performances and we allocated 5 points to their favourite, 4 points to their second favourite and so on to 1 point to their fifth favourite.

Daily Press Poll 2019: Jury Show for Semi-Final 2

The full results of ESCXTRA’s Daily Press Poll 2019 for the Jury Show Semi-Final 2 are as follows:

Daily Press Poll to continue tomorrow

Make sure you check back at around 23.10 CEST tomorrow where we will reveal the results of the latest Daily Press Poll! Tomorrow sees the live Semi-Final 2.

Previous Daily Press Poll results

What do you think of today’s results? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials, @ESCXTRA!

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