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Jonida Maliqi: “I am so comfortable on the stage” [interview]

She also talked about the importance of never forgetting our identities

Last weekend, the lovely Jonida from Albania graced us with an extremely energetic interview where she discussed her dress, pre-parties and the message she hopes to transmit.

Jonida has been delivering solid performances during her rehearsals and that may well be because she is feeling very comfortable on stage as she said. She also revealed some additional details about her dress, which features real golden fiber elements.

Furthermore, she tells us about the her pre-parties experiences, which she called her “honeymoon” and how emotional the performance in London made her.

She then wraps up her time with us with a very important message: “Don’t forget your roots but don’t forget yourself”.

Want to know the full answers? Then check out the full interview below!

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