Eurovision Trivia: 2019’s Semi-Final Quiz

Well, those semis were a blast weren’t they? Spectacle after spectacle and many enjoyable songs dismissed, while the best of the best advanced to Saturday’s grand final. While you’re waiting for that, why not try our semi-final quiz for 2019 and test your knowledge?

Each question here is about some of the events in Tuesday’s and Thursday’s semi-final, like qualifications and performer’s attires. Some of the questions are also about resulting events such as running order for the final or the impact on qualification streaks. Great trivia points I’m sure you’ll agree. I hope you have fun, and if you get a high score, you will be undoubtedly an observant Eurovision master.

Which country qualified to the final for the first time under their new name?

Tamara Todevska
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It is the second time San Marino has qualified, Montenegro didn't, and while Czechia is still floating around, it isn't the name the Czech Republic competes under in Eurovision (and they have qualified before while that short name was in use). But it's a big welcome back to the final for North Macedonia, who after changing their name officially earlier this year, celebrated in style, qualifying for the first time since 2012, then under their former name of FYR Macedonia.

Which country lost a streak of eight consecutive final appearances by failing to make it through to the final this year?

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Austria lost nearly as many, it being the first time they have failed to qualify since Conchita won for a total of 5, but Hungary losing eight, having not failed to qualify ever since their return in 2011, breaks the longest qualifying streak of any country besides... answer revealed in next question.

Who now holds the longest final appearance streak? This does not count the Big 5 countries who are never given a chance to fail in a semi-final.

Kate Miller-Heidke
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Since Azerbaijan and Russia's non-qualifications last year, and Ukraine's withdrawals, the top end is now very open, and it's back to Sweden, who last failed in 2010. The second closest is now a tie between Cyprus, and if you can believe it, Australia, who are now on 5 finals in a row each.

Without looking at the final's running order, which country got the traditional death slot of second?

Jonida Maliqi
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Will Albania be the first winner from this position?

Which country used robot lasers in their live semi-final performance?

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Now I'm imagining Serhat with robot lasers and I'm finding it hard to not say I want it.

Which singer covered his face with a green sideburn-mask?

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Now I'm imagining Serhat with with robot lasers AND a green mask.

Jon Ola Sand announced how many points separated the 10th place and 11th place in semi 1?

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Only one point in semi 2! Very close this year.

Which non-qualifying performer brought wings to their performance?

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How many songs entirely not in English qualified from the semi-finals? Note this doesn't include the big 5, only the semi-final qualifiers.

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Four. They are, Sebi (Slovenia), Ktheju tokës (Albania), Hatrið mun sigra (Iceland) and Kruna (Serbia). Italy and Spain's entries also contain no English.

What colour was Ireland's retro diner theme (colour of the seats) primarily?

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I'm having to decide whether it's an eyesore that caused its non-qualification or a really cool design choice.

Eurovision Semi-Final Trivia - 2019
You are Duncan Laurence

You've breezed through this quiz, very well done! You can certainly call yourself a Eurovision trivia master. Say tuned for the followup quiz after the final, where maybe we'll be celebrating Duncan Laurence's victory, or perhaps it'll be someone else's.
You are Serhat!

Some people are surprised you qualified, but we all knew this was going to happen! Hopefully you are a fan and noticed how prevalent he was in this quiz, he's so easy to put into questions. You've gotten about half of the answers and that's no easy feat, very well done! Make sure to look out for the followup quiz after the final!
You are Roko!

We can't all be winners, and neither can Roko, whose dream fell short. This isn't a disappointment, some of our quizzes are very hard, so don't feel disheartened! Very well done for attempting it and make sure to check out the followup quiz for after the final.

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