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Jon Ola Sand shares details of second semifinal of Eurovision 2019 results

It seems to be a tradition now for Jon Ola Sand to release a bit of information regarding the semifinal results. He already did so for the first semifinal and now, he’s dropped a few pieces of information about last night’s second semi of Eurovision 2019.

Record for a day

On Wednesday, we reported how the gap between #10 and #11 was just two points. At the time, that was a record for the new system. However, records exist to be broken and that has happened already. Yesterday, just one point separated qualification and an early flight home. The difference has never been smaller under this current system.

Who was liked by whom?

The next question is always who made it through on which voting. Did jury and televoting agree on all ten qualifiers? Obviously not. In the first semi, they agreed on eight choices. Last night, that number went down to seven. General speculation assumes that The Netherlands, Switzerland, Malta, Russia, Azerbaijan and Sweden were among these seven.

However, it also means opinions differed on three of last night’s qualifiers. Who wasn’t liked as much by the voters at home? And who fell out of grace with the national juries?

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