Eurovision 2020

Eurovision 2020 to be a co-production between Avrotros, NPO and NOS

Not one, not two, but three broadcasters will organise the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. The Netherlands wish to split the organising duties over these three: Avrotros, NPO and NOS, they say in a press release this morning.

On behalf of public broadcasting

The three broadcasters will work together to organise the show. According to the press release, each of the broadcasters will have their own role in the organisation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. They say the contest next year needs to be a showcase of Dutch creativity and media innovation.

Organising the contest together fits the visions the Dutch public broadcasters have, as their task to bring society closer together. The press release says:

[Organising the Eurovision Song Contest] also perfectly fits the connecting role that the public service broadcaster wants to play in society since the event has a great range among a variety of target groups for all generations.

NPO, Avrotros and NOS statement

How does NPO work?

The news above might not make sense to those unfamiliar with the Dutch broadcasting system. In the Netherlands, public broadcasting corporations divide airtime on their channels. Unlike many other countries, it’s not just one broadcaster featuring on the public channels.

In fact, in the Netherlands, there are over ten public broadcasters sharing airtime on NPO1, the first channel. NPO is the governing body for all Dutch public broadcasters. Members of the NPO can claim airtime. This goes for all broadcasters there: From Avrotros to smaller outlets such as PowNed. Broadcasters may only air shows if they have enough members, which means new broadcasters join and others go from time to time.

Up until 2009, NOS were responsible for the Eurovision Song Contest. They are mostly responsible for the news broadcasts in The Netherlands and therefore have a protected status. Avrotros is a joined broadcaster, with AVRO and TROS uniting back in 2010 to create a larger share of airtime.

It seems the decision to host the contest together means that Avrotros will not have to carry everything on their own. It will moreso be a task for the entire Dutch public broadcasting system.

The broadcasters also mentioned that a first press conference is set to take place in June. What information they will share there is yet unknown.

Duncan Laurence brought victory to the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, last night in Tel Aviv. His 492 points were enough to secure a win for the first time since 1975.

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