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Major error uncovered in Belarusian jury vote?

North Macedonia accidentally miss out on jury win?

During Saturday night’s Grand Final, fans were quick to note that the Belarusian jury – which had been disqualified in advance of the competition – had a rather unusual result. The Belarusian jury was the only one to give host nation Israel any points… and it got their 12! Now, eagle-eyed fans have done some digging and it appears that the Belarusian jury was modelled by using nations in the same pot as them – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Russia – but it seems to have been sorted upside down.

Full model as worked out by @euro_bruno

How was it worked out?

Twitter user @euro_bruno gave his working out in the thread below:

North Macedonia would have won the jury vote with these altered scores

The good news is that there is not a major effect on the scoreboard. However, North Macedonia would have won the jury vote ahead of Sweden if the results were given as modelled above (and ordered the correct way around!). Twitter user @tchuqo has also posted the changed scores that the finalists would have received with the altered results:

We have reached out to the EBU for a response to these calculations.


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