Eurovision Trivia: What do you remember about Saturday’s final?

And there it was. Eurovision 2019, in all its glory. It was, I hope, a happy ending for most of you, with the songs you liked and even the countries you liked doing well. If you want to see how good your memory was of that great show on Saturday, why not try this quiz about the Eurovision final, where I’ve put together some questions meant to see what big things, and what small things you might have noticed in Eurovision.

Each question here is about some of the events on Saturday’s final. This will range from the contents of performances to televoting results and everything in between. I hope you have fun, and if you get a high score, you will be undoubtedly an observant Eurovision master.

Duncan Laurence ended the night with 500 points, true or false?

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He got 492 points overall, so very close! Makes him the lowest scoring of the three winners crowned so far on this voting system.

Malta's song was about which cool and groovy animal?

Thomas Hanses
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The eventual bottom two countries of Belarus and the United Kingdom was the same bottom two in which other Eurovision final?

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The start of the decade had the United Kingdom and Belarus fail in very similar ways. In both cases, Belarus qualified almost by accident, and the UK forgot to send a song... that sounds good to me. (the songs in question in 2010 were 3+2's 'Butterflies' and Josh Dubovie's 'That Sounds Good To Me')

Switzerland's show-stopping performance got them their best result for 26 years... what position did they end up in?

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What was the main staging for Miki's performance of 'La Venda (The Blindfold)' based around?

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What did Russia's jury spokesperson play on for several seconds before paying attention to the hosts waiting for his result?

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Which country won the televote only?

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Duncan was second. One of the common criticisms of the show has been that not enough emphasis was placed on Norway winning this important stat.

And on the other end, which country came last on the televote?

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Germany... I'm sorry... zero points.

Which performer invited two backing dancers on stage to convey diversity and acceptance, one being plus-sized, the other deaf?

Tamara Todevska
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Which of the following countries managed to get their best ever result from this Eurovision?

Tamara Todevska
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The other country to get a best result (not counting Netherlands who obviously equalled their best) was San Marino.

Which country made a political demonstration during the televote reveal, the consequences of which are to be discussed by the EBU?

Jonida Maliqi
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One memorable part of the interval act was past Eurovision stars covering each others songs. Which song did famous Eurovision drag act Verka Serduchka cover?

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Eurovision Trivia: Final Quiz
Well done! You are Duncan Laurence!

Congratulations, you've aced this quiz. Very well done, I guess we'll see you at 'you 2020', considering you've won it just like Duncan. Keep following us for more news on next year's contest.
You are Leonora!

It was a very nice performance from you on this quiz. Great stuff in the middle of the road. Well done though, seriously, sometimes these quizzes are hard and even Eurovision fans end up here. Why not look around our site so you can catch up on more Eurovision greatness?
You are Michael Rice!

First off, the person deciding these allocations is a Brit, so I'm allowed to make fun. I'm sorry, but don't worry, there's nothing against you, maybe there wasn't anything in here you could remember from Saturday's show. Stick around, read our articles, get up to speed on all things Eurovision. It's really enjoyable, I promise.

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Next week’s quizzes will take us back into the off-season, so it shall be the return of the country-specific ‘So You Think You Know’ series.

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