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No return to Eurovision for Ola Melzig in 2020

The Eurovision 2019 Head of Production will not fulfil the same role in 2020

Today ESCXTRA spoke to Ola Melzig, Head of Production, and he revealed that he definitely won’t return to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in The Netherlands.

No Return

Ola Melzig has been part of the Eurovision Song Contest for many years. As the owner of M & M Production Management, Melzig has worked on many large-scale events including The Commonwealth Games and The Nobel Prize Awards. This year was the Swede’s 13th Eurovision since his first in 2000. The Head of Production for the 2019 edition told ESCXTRA…

“Eurovision has been such a major part of my life and career the past 19 years, so I can’t just drop it just like that. Focus is right now on America, but I hope it doesn’t stop me from being involved in future Eurovision productions, one way or another”

Ola Melzig

Of course, every year the cyclical nature of Eurovision means we reset to zero. Ola Melzig (or any other production staff) would always have to tender to work at the next year’s contest, but with today’s comment we know that Melzig won’t be entering this process for 2020.

American Song Contest

In light of this statement and the recent news of plans to take the Eurovision brand over to the U.S., it seems Melzig’s time in the next couple of years will be spent trying to get the new project off the ground.

If you want to know more about what goes into being Head of Production at the Eurovision Song Contest, see our interview with Melzig last year below.

What are your thoughts on how the contest has developed over the years that Ola Melzig has been involved? Let us know via the comments section and on our socials, @ESCXTRA.

Matt Baker

As a writer with the Eurovision disposition it was only inevitable that I should find myself merging these two interests. If it wasn't Sonia singing "Better the Devil You Know" that got me hooked on Eurovision, then it was the Gina G banger "Just a Little Bit". The 90's is where it all started for me, who knows where I'll end up!

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