Mikolas Josef released brand new single “Acapella”

His fans selected a banger as the new single!

Today Mikolas Josef released his new single “Acapella” including a music video for it. And the video already reached about half a million (!!!) views in less than 12 hours. The Czech artist proves, that he just keeps delivering amazing tunes and his fandom is growing! Get all the facts, our latest interview with him and the video below!

Fans decided new single

Just last month Mikolas had his first big solo show called “My Name Is Mikolas Josef”. The sold out show in Prague saw him performing hits like “Lie To Me”, “Abu Dhabi” & “Me Gusta”, but also several new, unknown tracks. One of the new tracks Mikolas performed for the crowd was “Acapella”! After the show, the people who saw the concert could decide their favorite new song to select Mikolas new single, which was released today!

We had the chance to speak with Mikolas after his debut concert:

“Acapella” was the choice of the fans and it’s the perfect soundtrack for your life right now. The song is bringing the summer to wherever you are. Mikolas gets joined by Fito Blanko & Frankie J for the song. The music video was recorded in Spain and was also directed, scripted and edited by Mikolas himself!

The song is available everywhere and you can watch the music video for Mikolas new song “Acapella” below!

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