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James Blunt rules out Eurovision appearance

It's true

Around this time last year, British Singer-Songwriter James Blunt expressed his interest in appearing at the Eurovision Song Contest. Now, he’s against the idea completely.

No favours

Talking to BANG Showbiz, James Blunt believes that the UK “wouldn’t be doing themselves any favours” if he represented the country at Eurovision. He also joked by saying that we should “look on the bright side” when it comes to the UK leaving the EU. As to him, doing so would mean withdrawing from Eurovision.

I think we wouldn’t be doing ourselves any favours by getting me on the stage, but there aren’t many benefits to leaving Europe with Brexit, are they?

Surely if we’re out of Europe, we’re out of Eurovision. So this could be the one bonus we’ve been looking for! That could unite the country and then we could start a new Eurovision called Britvision, so look on the bright side

James Blunt speaking to BANG Showbiz

A change of heart

As previously stated, Blunt was once interested in competing at Eurovision. He hinted that the UK would be victorious if he had the chance to represent them, and that he was waiting for the BBC to call him.

England never wins and I’m really just waiting for them to call me because I’m here to fix this

James Blunt speaking about Eurovision last year

The UK in Eurovision

It’s fair to say that British Eurovision fans are getting frustrated with their run of form recently. Despite having won 5 times since their debut and achieving second place 15 times, the last few years have hardly been anything to cheer about.

Most recently, Michael Rice represented the UK with his song “Bigger Than Us”. Unfortunately, the Hartlepool born singer finished in last place with 11 points. Michael’s result sparked a debate with the British media who jumped on the bandwagon and suggested that the contest is too “silly” and “political”. As a result, they believed that the best decision would be for the country to withdraw from Eurovision entirely.

Do you think James Blunt would’ve been the right person to bring the Eurovision trophy back to the UK? Is Britvision the solution to everything that is wrong with the UK right now? I’m joking. But let us know your thoughts via our social media pages @ESCXTRA

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