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WATCH: Céline Dion does Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Don’t we all love a good Carpool Karaoke? The Late Late Show host James Corden has released a new episode of the feature loved by so many. This time, his guest is world star and Eurovision 1988 winner Céline Dion!

Céline Dion doing… Baby Shark?!

The Canadian star clearly has a song for every occasion, breaking out into renditions of “I’m So Excited” and even “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony. The highlight of the set list is however when James Corden asks Céline Dion to make a dramatic version of “Baby Shark“. We get full on drama with chest bumps and all!

We get treated to some of Dion’s most famous hits, including “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” and “I Drove All Night”. Her facial expressions when her version of the Meat Loaf hit comes on are worth watching. She sure doesn’t hold back when delivering in a car. The final song is, obviously, “My Heart Will Go On”, but the pair decide to leave the car for that one…

Midway through the trip, Corden is responsible for a minor crisis in Céline Dion’s state of mind as he asked her to give away her shoes. Curious how this all ends? Check it out at the bottom of this article!

Back to where it all started

As you may expect, one song that doesn’t feature on this Carpool Karaoke is “Ne Partez Sans Moi”. It’s the song Céline Dion won the Eurovision Song Contest 1988 with for Switzerland. The song was a start for her international career, although her big breakthrough followed years later. To date, she is the last person to win the contest for Switzerland.

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