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LRT in touch with the EBU regarding Italy’s Semi Final televote discrepancy

Jurij remains dignified as he responds to the potential error

Yesterday, we reported an anomaly between the televoting results published by Italian broadcaster RAI and the data published by the EBU after the grand final.

The results released by RAI showed that Lithuania made the top 10 in the country’s public televoting with 4.13%. This however, was not reflected in the results published on the official website. If the former turns out to be the correct results, we would see a tie break situation which may have seen Lithuania qualify to the grand final over Denmark.

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT have since acknowledged our findings and confirmed that the EBU have been contacted for clarification on the matter. The Head of Delegation added his thoughts:

“The situation is really interesting. We, as the broadcaster have suffered the moral and ranking injustice. we may have sufficient information for this error to be recognised.”

The findings also reached Lithuanian representative, Jurij Veklenko, who remains satisfied with how things panned out.

I did everything I could, but what happened has happened. 
Those who were in the finals were worthy of their place and I see no point in unnecessarily depriving them of their place on the table.

Jurij Veklenko

The singer added that it would be up to his manager to decide whether or not to apply for compensation if the EBU confirm the error.

“I think they will decide whether to take action, my job is to make music.”

Jurij Veklenko

We have reached out to the EBU for an explanation regarding the televoting discrepancy.

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