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Saara Aalto’s ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ is the official 2019 Pride in London song!

It has been announced that Saara’s song ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ from her international debut album ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’ will be the official song for ‘Pride in London’ 2019. The ‘Pride in London’ edit of the song has been released ahead of the event.[0]=68.ARCX9oUeXSjqcLk3u7-wvdCtwXY9GsE7gyJGVQ2qKsxqoqclCzA2fuOQP8fDGo50CwcR7MhF6TVR-TJjbn_TxHzGKpj84xTjsCKh71INauTv3E7aEf5YhroNhiznk7kwUjYumHWuLVO6a-Of9wuvV4xNTh2sETnH4k3hSi1nt3AWD0og3qv7b9z949DrM0AMf-XEdZp_5pBOWnsXtTcHHdSeKRJeI1dcyEKM_X1ztoCmWMbsqZora9DnPFQXlpo-4OKdHSaFAcxpFBVKTx0n4wHbKuP-h1J2iS_RXoH6EGXPxnqQwQtZQPeP-ufFaW9e6lvuHZjMbJeX3Ksfltb0&__tn__=%2CdK*F-R&eid=ARAJ3oIG8pBa8arnZDJByfL4SwjqkGwrnKrrTISkbPFauTjt7MHu_d96WOdESvh_LqnbqqVv7l-rMo0Q

Listen to the new version of Dance Like Nobody’s Watching:


Apple Music:

On the road once again

The Finnish songstress has just finished her ‘An Evening with Saara Aalto‘ tour, where she toured Finland and the UK. Saara has announced that she will be appearing in shows this summer, some of which include Pride events throughout United Kingdom.

Saara Aalto at the Eurovision Song Contest

After numerous attempts at representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest, Saara finally had her wish granted when YLE internally selected her to represent Finland in Lisbon in 2018.

After performing three songs at UMK: Saara Aalto, the jury and the public selected ‘Monsters’ as Saara’s entry. She placed 10th in her Semi-Final, thus bringing the country back to the Final after three years of non-qualification. She placed 25th overall in the competition.

Are you happy that ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ is the official Pride in London song?. Will you be watching Saara at any of her shows this summer? Let us know in the comments below or at social media.

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