EXCLUSIVE: We talk to Tamara Todevska after Eurovision

We talk about her Eurovision experience after achieving North Macedonia's best result

North Macedonia’s 2019 Eurovision Song Contest participant ‘Tamara Todevska’ speaks to ESCXTRA about her Eurovision journey this year, and what we should expect from her now that the contest has finished.

Tim: Tamara, when you first got announced as the representative for North Macedonia, did you expect achieving North Macedonia’s result to date.

Tamara: Hm. I knew that something great was going to happen but I never imagined that it would be this big. For me at that point the most important thing was to assemble the right team. Once we had that, I knew that something special was about to happen. We believed in our song, in our project, in ourselves and I think when you do this, success is inevitable.

Tim: Ever since you returned from Tel Aviv, do you think that North Macedonia’s perception of the contest changed? Do you think it would change North Macedonia’s approach to the contest?

Tamara: Taking into consideration our poor results over the years, many people stopped watching Eurovision. I think this was the first time in years that people in such big numbers watched the show in our country.

During the voting people were sending me photos of them watching the contest with their friends. There was even a bride sitting in her wedding dress at her wedding with her phone, watching the show 😊 My friends told me that during the voting, everything stopped in the country and everyone was watching Eurovision. We were all one.

I am more than happy with what we have achieved and I think we are a great example that with the right team and with the right approach success is possible. I am sure our national broadcaster will use this experience to take next year’s entry to the next level and who knows, maybe in couple of years we could also win the entire show.

Tim: You also had the chance to meet Prime Minister Zaev, what was the experience like?

Tamara: Our entire team was so honored to be invited by Prime Minister Zaev. He is actually a big Eurovision fan and watched the entire Grand Final. His words meant a lot to me and my entire team. To have that kind of support from your country and your people it so important as an artist.

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