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The Battle of the Stars, season 8

NRK just released the names of the artists who will battle it out for the 8th annual title of being Norway’s most versatile singer. As always there are quite a few familiar names to us children of the Euroverse. Several of this year’s participants have taken part in Melodi Grand Prix. A few of them have also graced the Eurovision stage, some of them even more than once!

Adrian Jørgensen

Adrian was the runner up behind Keiino in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix. He performed the song “The Bubble”, which was written by among others Kjetil Mørland (Norway, 2015) and Aleksander Walmann (2017). Adrian was one of the backing vocalists for JOWST and Aleksander Walmann in Kyiv, and he also did backing vocals for Aleksander Walmann in Melodi Grand Prix last year. In 2013 he was the runner up in the Norwegian edition of “The Voice”. Will he take the step up on the top of the podium this time?

Adrian Jørgensen - The Bubble - LIVE - Melodi Grand Prix 2019 - NORWAYAdrian Jørgensen – The Bubble – LIVE – Melodi Grand Prix 2019 – NORWAY

Åge Sten Nilsen

Åge Sten, better known as “Glam”, is the lead singer of WigWam. Along with the rest of the band he represented Norway in Kyiv in 2005 with their song “In My Dreams“. Åge has also participated in Melodi Grand Prix on two other occasions; in 2004 when WigWam finished 4th with “Crazy Things” and in 2017 with his new band Ammunition. They finished 2nd with “Wrecking Crew”, only beaten by JOWST and Aleksander Walmann and their “Grab the Moment”.

Kim André Rysstad

Kim André is among the best traditional folk musicians in Norway. Many of you will remember him for his participation in the 2012 edition of Melodi Grand Prix. He performed the beautiful song “Så vidunderleg” (So Wonderful) in the first semi-final, unfortunately failing to qualify for the final.

Anette Amelia Hoff Larsen

Anette Amelia has taken part in MGP twice. The first time was back in 2007, when she failed to qualify for the final with the song “Unbelievable“. In her second attempt she joined forces with Charlotte Øverland Våset, Cornelia Børnick and Thea Bay, and as Velvet they made it to the final with “Tricky“.

Kari Gjærum

Kari is among the people with the most MGP performances ever. In 1989 she participated as a lead singer with the song “Barneøyne“, finishing outside of the top three. In addition to this Kari has also participated in Melodi Grand Prix ten times as a backing singer. She has also represented Norway as a backing vocalist at Eurovision at least five times, including winning with Bobbysocks in 1985.

"Let It Swing" or "La Det Swinge" - Bobbysocks“Let It Swing” or “La Det Swinge” – Bobbysocks

Hanne Sørvaag

Hanne is best known for her songwriting abilities. She has written Eurovision entries for three different countries; Germany, Georgia and her native Norway. She has also written six Melodi Grand Prix entries, one of which she also performed.

Who is your favorite among these Eurostars? Let us know on social media @escxtra. Also, when tha show airs in the fall, we will keep you all up to date on how they all do!

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