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EBU to vote on new conditions of Membership this week, delayed vote for RTK membership likely

Could RTK’s membership vote be pushed back to December 2019?

Later this week, the 82nd EBU General Assembly will take place in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo. It was previously reported that a vote on whether Kosovar broadcaster RTK would be granted full EBU membership would take place during this assembly. Kindly, the EBU have updated us on the situation.

A vote on new conditions for membership eligibility

The EBU has clarified to us that first on the agenda is to determine any changes to the criteria of membership:

A vote will take place at our General Assembly later this week on new conditions for Membership of the EBU.


RTK would need to reapply

If the Assembly chooses to change the criteria for broadcasters to apply for full membership, then RTK would be required to apply once more.

Should the GA vote to change the criteria for Membership, RTK would need to formally apply under the new rules. A decision on Membership is then possible at the GA in December.

Hypothetical criteria changes?

Criteria changes could be beneficial for other broadcasters. Hypothetically, if a criterion allowing broadcasters to join if part of their country is geographically in Europe is introduced, this could open a door for Kazakhstan’s Khabar Agency to apply for full membership for the first time.

Alternatively, a hypothetical new condition requiring new broadcasters to be approved by all existing members could spell trouble for partially-recognised states such as Kosovo, as it would be expected that the likes of Serbia’s RTS would block such an application.

What if no changes are made?

It is currently unclear what happens if there are no new conditions. Perhaps, a vote on RTK’s current membership application can still go ahead this week.

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