Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… Malta

You fancy yourself a Eurovision master? Well, come try our Malta trivia quiz! Our country-specific series is returning for the Eurovision off-season, covering the entire history of countries at Eurovision. Malta has a long history of being a fan favourite country, with a small population and no neighbours, they have few other options than to send standout songs to do well, and to their credit, they’ve done that more than a few times.

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically and so Moldova will be next. In the meantime, how well do you know Malta?

Ira Losco got Malta their first win in 2002, true or false?

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She should have done! 7th Wonder was the song and what a song it was, far more memorable in my opinion than the winner that year. Sadly, Ira could only come 2nd for Malta, their peak in the contest currently.

Malta originally participated in the 1970s but often withdrew before the final contest. In the 1970s decade, how many times did they actually participate?

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They entered six times but withdrew before the contest in three of them, twice with poor Enzo Guzman as their entrant, who never got to represent Malta properly. In 1971 and 1972 they finished dead last and their entry in 1975 didn't do that well either, only coming 12th.

Malta were at an unusual advantage when they returned to the contest in the 1990s for what reason?

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Along with UK & Ireland, Malta were the only nation with an official language of English, meaning that because of the official language rules of the 1990s, they were one of three countries able to sing in the most understood language in Europe. They got a top 10 streak that lasted from 1991 to 1998 after never placing in the top 10 before

Because of this advantage, Malta were never 'relegated' from the contest during the 1993-2004 period where countries with low average finishing positions were forced to skip a year. What were the other two (non Big-4 countries, who were exempt) who also managed to do this?

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In Julie & Ludwig's On Again... Off Again, which singer sang in operatic style?

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This might have been a trick question. Ludwig sang most of the song in operatic style while Julie sang as if it were a pop song but for the last verse, they changed roles, in their version of the key change trick.

Chiara has entered how many times for Malta?

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Which bands would you say the two-year streak of Gianluca's Tomorrow and Firelight's Coming Home resemble?

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I can't hear 'Tomorrow' without hearing 'Hey Soul Sister' from Train on the backing, and Firelight's 'Coming Home' had a backing very reminiscent of any Mumfords song you care to mention.

Claudia Faniello, who entered in 2017, has a brother who's also entered for Malta. What's his name?

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Which show are Malta currently using (used in 2019) as their selection process?

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Which Maltese entry has gotten them the most points ever?

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Angel still stands as their record holder, coming 2nd in 2005 with 192 points, more than anything they've done lately.

Eurovision Trivia: Malta
You are Chiara!


The queen of Malta, gaining them their most successful entry (on a par with Ira Losco's 7th Wonder), representing your incredible performance in the quiz! Great job!
You are Gianluca!

A very respectable performance from Gianluca, Malta's best performance in the 2010s decade, with a cheery song it's impossible to hate. Well done to you too, you've done very well here!
You are Christabelle!

Sometimes Malta sends an act that everyone, for better or worse, ignores completely, and Christabelle is the latest example of that. Apologies, try better next time!

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