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Germany: Aly Ryan teases possible Eurovision 2020 return on Instagram Live

Will Aly Ryan try representing Germany in 2020 again?

Last week Aly Ryan, who competed in Germany’s “Unser Lied für Israel”, went live on Tidals Instagram account for a fan Q&A and answered the question if she would be try to go to Eurovision again.

Aly Ryan, the fan-favourite who placed fourth in Germany’s 2019 selection “Unser Lied für Israel” with her song “Wear Your Love”, recently went on a trip to New York to promote her new song “Better”, a collaboration with TELYkast. She also made a stop at the office of the Jay-Z owned music streaming service “TIDAL” to answer some fan questions.

Unser Lied für Israel and Eurovision

The first question asked was if she would want to compete in Germany’s national selection in 2020 again. Aly had a few things to say about her future involvement and the process of “Unser Lied für Israel” in general. She stated that she would like to go to Eurovision, but only if she gets selected internally. Furthermore, she said she “doesn’t believe in the whole process with the juries”. This makes a comeback for Germany quite unlikely, as Germany usually does not internally select, the last time being in 2009. Back then, NDR internally selected the group “Alex Swings Oscar Sings”, who placed 20th.

A comeback for another country?

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to see Aly Ryan back for 2020. A little later on during the Q&A, she stated that she could imagine representing a country other than Germany and that we should stay tuned for what is to come. Maybe Aly Ryan for San Marino in 2020?

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