Eurovision Trivia: Moldova

You fancy yourself a Eurovision master? Well, come try our Moldova trivia quiz! Our country-specific series is returning for the Eurovision off-season, covering the entire history of countries at Eurovision. And this is a big one, at least for the quizmaster, Moldova are consistently one of my favourite countries at Eurovision. Except for that odd year where they send a half-baked pop song with a virtually anonymous singer, they grab the attention like no other. They so often bring fun and interesting together and so there’s going to be plenty of questions to make you smile.

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically and so Montenegro will be next. In the meantime, how well do you know Moldova?

Moldova debuted at the contest with a song by the silly Zdob și Zdub. The translated title of their song 'Boonika bate doba' refers to which family member?

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The title is 'Grandma Beats The Drum' and the performance set the tone for most Moldovan entries that followed, incredible.

Moldova have a well-known, yet less known than the infamous Greek-Cyprus, partnership with which other Eurovision country? They award them 12 points almost whenever they can.

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Moldova's inhabitants speak Romanian (some call their dialect Moldovan), and Moldova historically was a part of the Romanian state.

When did Moldova win the contest?

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Trick question! Despite often wowing the audience, Moldova has yet to win Eurovision.

Moldova's songs often involve delightful up-beat trumpets dominating the backing music. Which of these entries included 'trumpet' in the lyrics?

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Lautar includes 'This trumpet makes you my girl' as the key refrain, with the backing very notably having lots and lots of trumpets. Which is rarely not the case in a Moldovan entry.

Moldova's 2010 song became a viral meme thanks to one of their performers doing a very memorable solo. What is his internet name?

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He returned with the rest of Sunstroke Project in one of the most welcome returns the contest has seen. From 20th with Run Away, where did 'Hey Mamma' finish?

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3rd! Very much righted the wrong of Run Away finishing so low (even if Run Away is by far the better song).

Aliona Moon's wonderful 'O Mie' was a highlight on the stage in Malmo, primarily because of which part of her performance?

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A huge fire-coloured dress made 'O Mie' very visually memorable, even though her voice was great and it remains one of my favourite Eurovision songs of the entire decade, this dress was the reason I'm sure many people remembered it. Would have been an easy top 10 result had it just been on a little later (it was in the first 5 songs in 2013 and the other 4 all ended in the bottom 5). not that her hair isn't amazing at all, I wouldn't like to speculate on her breakdancing skills though.

The year after 'O Mie', Moldova came last in the semi-final with a singer, Cristina Scarlat who bore a resemblance to Daenerys of Game of Thrones, singing about having 'no feelings of mercy'. What was it called?

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Shame they didn't save that for 2019. Actually one of the worst injustices in Eurovision ever, it's an incredible song.

Which Moldovan entry is entirely in Romanian, with no English at all?

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O Mie, which means A thousand, is the only song Moldova have entered sung entirely in Romanian. Boonika and Hora both have English lyrics.

DoReDos stole some of the show in 2018 with their performance involving a lot of doors and singers moving in and out of them. They were all colour-coded, so what colour dress was the female singer of the trio wearing?

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Eurovision Quiz: Moldova
You are Sunstroke Project!

Heroes of Moldova after getting them their bronze medal, Sunstroke Project are very pleased with how well you've done in this quiz. Congratulations!
You are Zdob și Zdub!

Moldova's first successes, you've done well in this quiz, very well done. A few answers missed, but that's okay!
You are Eduard Romanyuta!

A Ukrainian popstar who faced allegations of vote rigging after his victory in the Moldovan national final before landing Moldova with a non-qualification probably won't go down as one of Moldova's best remembered entrants. Apologies, but do try again!

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