Eurovision 2020: Meet the bidding Host Cities

Introducing the five candidate cities

Only five cities remain hopeful of hosting Eurovision 2020. Each of those five has its own specific pros, cons and unique selling points. In this piece, we’ll provide you with fact sheets for each of the remaining bids. Time to take a look!

Rotterdam: The obvious choice

Venue: Ahoy Rotterdam
Capacity: 16,426
Population: 635,389 (2017)
Support from: South Holland province, cities of The Hague and Dordrecht

Now Amsterdam has withdrawn from the race, Rotterdam seems to be the obvious frontrunner. It’s the biggest city left and the only one in either of the Holland provinces. Tourism agencies have been promoting the city for tourists for a while now and Eurovision 2020 might just be the biggest opportunity for the city to conquer a spot on the list of tourist destinations.

Now, Rotterdam is different from other cities in the Netherlands. There’s not much there from earlier ages as the city was nearly completely destroyed during World War II. The city was rebuilt in modern fashion, with skyscrapers. The Great, or St. Lawrence Church, is the only surviving element from the medieval city. Some do however label the city as slightly boring.

There’s plenty to do in Rotterdam. Shopping is a great option with Zuidplein, close to Ahoy and the Koopgoot. A few year ago, a market hall was opened with small food stands and international shopping available. It suits the city, which is praised for its multicultural identity. Especially Indonesian and Surinamese are prominent.

Rotterdam are offering Ahoy Rotterdam as their venue. The concert hall can host over 16,000 people and has hosted Junior Eurovision before, back in 2007. There’s a small agenda issue for the venue, as Frank van Etten has a 9th May concert scheduled there. The former MTV EMAs venue is very suitable for international television broadcasts, such as Eurovision 2020.

Pros: Very suitable venue in a large city
Cons: Not the most attractive city and a potential agenda problem

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