Eurovision 2020: Meet the bidding Host Cities

Introducing the five candidate cities

‘s-Hertogenbosch: A delightful compromise

Venue: Brabanthallen
Capacity: 11,000
Population: 150,899 (2015)
Support from: North Brabant province and B5 cities Breda, Eindhoven, Tilburg and Helmond

For those unfamiliar with the Netherlands, ‘s-Hertogenbosch might be the most unknown city in the pack. It’s more commonly called Den Bosch – both names are accepted. The city is the Cultural Capital of the south, trumping Maastricht to that title. Will it also trump Maastricht to the title of hosting Eurovision 2020?

Den Bosch is probably the most hospitable city in the country, judging by many tests and experiments in the past couple of year. Inhabitants of the city are usually described by their Burgundian character: Hospitable, companionable and up for a party at any hour.

The city is known for its beautiful facades and canals. Foundations were laid before the Middle Ages and the old character shows throughout every visit there. A typical Den Bosch day would include eating a Bossche Bol (a large eclaire) and visiting the Sint-Janskathedraal.

Connecting to Den Bosch isn’t hard to do. It’s a 50 minute train ride to Schiphol and only 45 to Eindhoven. Surrounding cities are easily reachable by train. Hotel rooms will be made available around Den Bosch as well, with the B5, a focus group of Brabant cities, supporting the bid – also financially.

Brabanthallen would become the venue. The largest hall can host up to 11,000 people and has been the home to musical events and conferences for years. Earlier this week, the Den Bosch city council backed the plan to submit a bid book with Brabanthallen as its venue. As a conference centre, other halls will be available for press room and green room opportunities.

Pros: Regional support for an experienced venue and hospitable city
Cons: Lack of international stature and will need the region to fulfill hosting criteria

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