Eurovision 2020: Meet the bidding Host Cities

Introducing the five candidate cities

Arnhem: Back to the stadium

Venue: Gelredome
Capacity: 34,000
Population: 152,293 (2015)
Support from: Neighbouring city Nijmegen and Veluwe region

It’s been a good while since we last had the Eurovision Song Contest in a big football stadium. Gelredome in Arnhem is hoping to become the next one to get the gig. Arnhem, located in the east, is bidding together with neighbouring city Nijmegen and the nature region Veluwe.

As a city, Arnhem potentially is the least exciting of the five options. It’s the capital of the Gelderland province, the largest of the country. It’s also one of the oldest cities in the country, with settlements dating back to 1500 BC. Recently, the city’s biggest ‘claim to fame’ is being the location of the 1974 film “A Bridge Too Far”. The film is based on a failed Allied attempt during Operation Market Garden to break through the German line of defense at a bridge near Arnhem in 1944.

As mentioned before, the city is offering Gelredome as a venue. Or at least, they hope. The stadium is home to football club Vitesse and it doesn’t seem the club are willing to leave their home behind for eight weeks. Sliding the pitch out of the stadium and moving it to the parking lot was an option, but whether it’s doable remains to be seen.

Pros: The largest venue available
Cons: Not the most attractive city and doubtful alternatives for Vitesse

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