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Kate Miller-Heidke will be touring Australia

Hey, you! It’s her again! Back from a successful Eurovision stint and months of drifting in space like an orbiting satellite, Kate Miller-Heidke has just announced a brand new tour happening all across Australia.

Spinning around the entire globe gets tiresome after a while so this tour will focus exclusively on Australia. The entire thing kicks off in late September and continues into October as Kate Miller-Heidke will be taking on some of the most famous venues in the country. She is promising to play new arrangements of your favourites and some brand spanking new songs with a bunch of kick-arse musicians! Giant poles will likely NOT be included, but you may still get to hear Zero Gravity live and the entire event is sure to be out of this world.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to her own ones down below:

Tickets will go on sale July 12th (with ones for Brisbane and Caloundra already on sale) and you can buy them by heading on over to So if you happen to be in Australia during any of the concert dates…What are you waiting for? Go and grab a ticket! GO GO GO!

Kate Miller-Heidke WHO?

We have to think you didn’t ACTUALLY just ask us that. Because there is absolutely no way anyone could forget Kate Miller-Heidke’s wibbly-wobbly globe-trotting performance from this year’s contest. Her incredible mixture of impressive vocals, amazing balance AND a candlestick headdress brought Australia all the way to 9th place in this year’s grand final. If you ARE in need of a reminder though, then check out the amazing performance down below:

Will you go and see Kate-Miller Heidke on her tour? Was Zero Gravity one of your favourite entries this year? How DID she get up that pole? Let us know!

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