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Maastricht wants you to ‘Come Closer’ for Eurovision 2020

Maastricht's bid will reportedly centre around intimacy and character as the bid book deadline approaches...

Maastricht’s bid book to host Eurovision 2020 will centre around the slogan and idea of ‘Come Closer’, reports

‘Come Closer’

With the deadline to submit bid books to host the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest approaching tomorrow, Dutch online newspaper are reporting that Maastricht’s bid will centre around the tagline ‘Come Closer’.

Situated in the southern province of Limburg, “Come Closer stands for adding a bit of intimacy to the grand, exuberant Eurovision Song Contest”, according to the municipality.

As one of the most watched television events in Europe, Eurovision is rightfully known for its spectacle, scope and huge fan base.

Maastricht wants to compliment that spectacle with what it describes as the character of Limburg.

“Without wanting to break down the spectacle (of Eurovision), but by adding a bit of our province Limburg and its character. The power to enjoy the good life together. The power to appreciate the little things, as well as the big moments. To enjoy things together, to be curious about others, about what connects us and what makes us stronger.”

Municipality of Maastricht

‘The crossroads of Europe’

On Friday, Maastricht’s mayor Annemarie Pennte told  that the city is “the most European city in the Netherlands.” The intimacy and Europeanness of Maastricht, Pennte believes, would stand it in good stead to host the contest next May.

“We’re an internationally oriented city, at the crossroads of Europe. A city which is small, but which has everything, full of character and charm. Maastricht is the capital of a region which embraces you for who you are. A city that feels like a market square: The heart of Europe. Where we can all be close together, as Europeans.”

Mayor Annemarie Pennte

‘Closer than ever before’

A video was uploaded today by the ‘Bezoek Maastricht’ official YouTube channel that further asked people to ‘Come Closer’.

Showcasing the city’s people, greenery and quaint architecture, the video perfectly highlights the intimate atmosphere Maastricht hopes to foster if it were to host the contest.

“On behalf of The Netherlands, Maastricht and Limburg invites our European friends to come closer. Closer to the artists. Closer to the music. Closer to each other. Because when you come close enough, you experience something special.”

Bezoek Maastricht YouTube channel

We are sure to find out more in the coming days about Maastricht’s bid and plans for Eurovision 2020.

But was seems clear is that the city is looking to set itself apart from the rest of the chasing pack by promising to make Eurovision an intimate and personal affair, with all the usual spectacle and atmosphere.

Maastricht hopes to “celebrate an intimate and intense Eurovision Song Contest”, and bring people closer than ever before.

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