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You fancy yourself a Eurovision master? Well, come try our Montenegro trivia quiz! Our country-specific series has returned for the Eurovision off-season, covering the entire history of countries at Eurovision. And straight from one of my favourite underdogs in Moldova, we move onto another in Montenegro. Montenegro have been a unique country to follow in Eurovision. Their entries are rarely rated highly but there’s very often a certain charm to them, and when they do provide something awesome, they absolutely deliver. Therefore, expect questions about their strange lyrics, costumes and (sadly) quite poor results. Give us a smash next year Montenegro!

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically and next week, we will be covering the defending champions, the Netherlands!!! So look out for that one. In the meantime, take the trivia quiz and show us how well you know Montenegro!

Prior to entering as Montenegro, the Montenegrins participated first as part of Yugoslavia, and then for two years as part of 'Serbia and Montenegro'. During this period, three Montenegrin artists were sent. The first two were sent in the 80s, and what was the name of the Montenegrin artist sent for 'Serbia and Montenegro' in 2005?

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The other three options are all Yugoslavian entrants - Danijel was from Montenegro, the others were from other parts of Yugoslavia. Worth noting for proud Montenegrins that Danijel achieved Yugoslavia's second-best result after their win with Riva.

Montenegro have only ever sent one act that was a solely female affair. What was her first name?

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Andrea Demirovic represented them in 2009. The other options are the first names of women who have represented Montenegro as part of a group. Nina joined Who See for 'Igranka' in 2013, and Mirela and Tamara were two members of D. Mol this year.

Unfortunately, Montenegro have often done poorly in Eurovision. Undeserved, in many cases. But do you know which entry has finished the lowest in the semi-final?

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Stevan finished 22nd. Worth noting that this actually wasn't possible for the other entries, because 2007's one semi-final was much bigger. But as it stands, this means that by one metric at least, their worst entry was their 'debut'. Euro Neuro and the following 2008 entry (Zauvijek volim te) did get less points than Ajde Kroci.

Euro Neuro was, shall we say, an interesting entry (I thought it was incredible, but that's just me). To sing the song you must pronounce words phonetic and alphabetic. Which of the following phrases wasn't in the lyrics?

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No joke, I love this tune. Master troll/political sneak, Montenegro. Plus that beat. The lyrics the correct answer is a meld of are 'to find solution for pollution' and 'it is good for rheumatism'. Also real lyrics.

Who See's 'Igranka', with Nina Žižić, went to stage with Who See dressed as what?

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Which song was Montenegro's first qualifier as an independent nation?

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2013's Moj Svijet, a wonderfully cute Balkan ballad, got Montenegro their first appearance in the final ever.

How many of the Montenegrin entries from their return in 2012 to now have been fully in Montenegrin?

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Igranka, Moj Svijet, Adio and Inje, which is 2013-2015 and 2018. Notably this includes both of their qualifiers, which is a score for non-English songs.

Knez' 'Adio' featured some wonderful water effects on stage at Eurovision 2015. Who wrote it?

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Željko was responsible for it. The godfather of Big Balkan Ballads himself made this Montenegrin effort and their best performing entry so far his first written entry for Eurovision since his 2012 entry 'Nije Ljubav Stvar'.

To which country has Montenegro given the most points (grand final only)?

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Slavko Kalezić caused a stir in the normally more conservative Montenegro when selected as their entrant in 2017. What did his song have 'ready to blow'?

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I bet he did blow a few minds too. Sadly, he failed to qualify to the grand final.

Eurovision Trivia: Montenegro
You are Knez!

Knez is Montenegro's best performing entrant, who gave us a lovely atmospheric ballad. Well done, you've aced this quiz!
You are Who See!

Who See were hyped well in 2013, and remain one of Montenegro's most loved (or hated) entries among the Eurovision fandom. Great job on the quiz, you've done well!
You are D. Mol

Poor D. Mol. Everyone knew they were doomed from the off, and they've ended up being Montenegro's third 16th place in the semi, in a row. Apologies, why not try again!

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