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🇳🇱 Eurovision 2020: Evaluating the bids – who comes out on top?

Which of the bids is the best option for 2020?

Hospitability and culture

When you’re in a city for the Eurovision Song Contest, you want to explore it and live it to the fullest. Therefore, it’s important to have a great city which makes your trip worthwhile. Secretly, this might just be one of the most important criteria to host Eurovision 2020. A boring city with a wonderful venue will hardly ever get the job.

Once again, Arnhem seem to fall behind slightly. Their bid book was incredibly complete and actually had wonderful ideas to host the contest and its side events, but it also heavily relied on surrounding cities. As an example: To show how exciting their bid was, they had to use a picture from neighbouring city Nijmegen…

Two of the five cities on the list have a reputation in the Netherlands for their hospitable character. Those two are Den Bosch and Maastricht. Both are well known for their amicable and hospitable character. They both fit the Burgundian lifestyle the south of the Netherlands has got used to. However, only one of them can edge it and take the ‘point’.

Den Bosch during market day

In our eyes, that point would have to go to Den Bosch. Maastricht is a gorgeous city, but it’s not for nothing that they’re presenting themselves as the most European bid. They are closer to Brussels and Luxembourg than they are to Amsterdam. To call them ‘Dutch’ might be a bit of a stretch. That’s contrary to Den Bosch. They have been voted as ‘Cultural City of the South’ and carry out that title as much as they can. Their in-city events such as Jazz in Duketown have been a great success and make it a beloved city to visit. Are there no downsides to Den Bosch? Their size, perhaps – but then again, none of the cities are that immense and you’ll Always have day trips here or there!

On the next page, we’ll look at our next criterium: Accomodation and transport! >>>

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