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🇳🇱 Eurovision 2020: Evaluating the bids – who comes out on top?

Which of the bids is the best option for 2020?

Accomodation and transport to Eurovision 2020

When you host the contest, you need enough hotel beds and rooms to accomodate all those people there. And then we’re not just talking about the fans and the rest of the audience, no, you also need to host the delegations and press. And they need a way to get to the city…

Utrecht is miles and miles behind the others when it comes to this. The city has put in an unconventional bid, where they say delegations will not be able to rely on touring cars taking them from and to the venue, as they’d need to take a bike or public transport. They also do not wish to guarantee hotel room availability and would prefer to leave that up to the delegations and fans.

Accomodation is most easily available in both Rotterdam and Maastricht. As a conference city, Maastricht has most rooms available. There will be plenty of space to accomodate the thousands of people attending the event.

Transport is another case. None of the bidding cities has their own major international airport. It will therefore be more of a case of distance to major airports. Smaller airports are available in both Rotterdam and Maastricht, but especially Maastricht-Aachen Airport only has flights to Mediterranean holiday destinations.

When it comes to distance to major airports, all cities have pretty much the same picture. Schiphol Airport, near Amsterdam, is less than an hour away from Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Bosch. Den Bosch also has Eindhoven Airport closeby. Arnhem would more rely on Düsseldorf and Weeze in Germany, with Maastricht also aiming for connections with Brussels, Liège and Frankfurt.

Rotterdam Central Station

It has to be said that public transport in the Netherlands is rather excellent. The Dutch may curse at their NS, the train company, but connections are well taken care of. Train journeys to Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Bosch are easy from all over the country. All in all, Rotterdam has the edge here, but only just ahead of Den Bosch. Take accomodation in question and the point for accomodation and transport would have to go to Rotterdam.

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