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🇳🇱 Eurovision 2020: Evaluating the bids – who comes out on top?

Which of the bids is the best option for 2020?

Finances: Money talks

Where would you be without money? Obviously, if you host Eurovision 2020, it costs money and you need to invest. In return, you will get lots of people to your city, who will spend their well earnt cash in your restaurants, clubs, museums and more.

Now, once again: Utrecht are out. They are not willing to invest a single penny. Their city council feels it’s not their responsibility to pay for a show. As for Arnhem, we don’t actually know their budget, but we do know they will need money to construct a temporary stadium for Vitesse, their local football club usually using Gelredome. Maastricht also did not publish the exact budget, but have unofficially ‘guaranteed’ that costs can be covered. It will help that the province of Limburg will attach its name to their bid, officially making it the ‘Maastricht-Limburg’ bid.

Time for those where we know more. The biggest sum on the table presumably comes from Rotterdam, although they may have spoken before the cash was in their pocket. The cities of The Hague and Dordrecht promised support for the Rotterdam bid, but have now said they will not help out financially. The province of South Holland will invest one million, with the city of Rotterdam going for another fifteen million. Part of that will need to come from crowdfunding, though.

Den Bosch are reyling on businesses to invest. The city council is willing to invest three million and the province will help out for 2.2 million more, bringing the government budget to 5.2 million. Alderman Mike van der Geld of Den Bosch has said they are confident they can get the necessary money together.

However, all in all, this point will have to go to Rotterdam. Their city is the most willing to invest money and has the largest sum available. It will be a challenge to actually get up to the sum of 16 million they’re proposing, but they’re ahead of the others.

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