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🇳🇱 Eurovision 2020: Evaluating the bids – who comes out on top?

Which of the bids is the best option for 2020?

Local support: A regional deal

Sometimes, Eurovision really is like the Olympics. Does a city or its population actually want the event? And what does the rest of the region think about the plans made up by one of the cities? That’s an important factor for these five Eurovision 2020 cities, who, presumably, will all need those around them.

It’s becoming a tradition, but here’s trouble for Utrecht. Not even their city council is all too happy to host the contest next year, especially as there’s a budget deficit and the city isn’t looking forward to tourism either. That means they haven’t done much promotion in the region.

Surprisingly, Rotterdam also don’t have the best cards here. Sure, their province South Holland is happy for Rotterdam to bid and neighbouring cities Dordrecht and The Hague want to help out… but what do they exactly want to do? There’s no clear plan and aside from ‘lovely views’ and ‘picturesque sites’, there’s not a lot they’ve offered yet. It will come down to Rotterdam and Rotterdam alone.

It’s a different picture for both Arnhem and Den Bosch. Both are bidding alone, but with clear support from their region and partners in the city. Arnhem has managed to convince Vitesse to leave their home for eight weeks. They also receive support from the province of Gelderland, the Veluwe region and neighbouring city Nijmegen. The city also really needs that for hotel rooms and making it interesting.

The Den Bosch bid has even more of that. The province of North Brabant officially support the bid and have all but attached their name to it. They have however agreed to support the bid from the B5 group. That is a group of the five largest cities in Brabant: Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda, Helmond and Den Bosch itself.

However, the biggest sign of local support can be found in Maastricht. There’s no lack of confidence there, with Mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake being more than convinced their bid will win the process. Officially, the Maastricht bid is called Maastricht-Limburg. It indicates that the province of Limburg is very serious in their support. Add to that that the entire southern side of Limburg is willing to provide hotel rooms and that world famous violin player André Rieu has put himself forward to support the Maastricht bid and you know it. The point for Local Support has to go to Maastricht.

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