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🇳🇱 Eurovision 2020: Evaluating the bids – who comes out on top?

Which of the bids is the best option for 2020?

Who should win the race to host Eurovision 2020?

Let’s just summarise what we have discussed so far. In the list below, you can see which city gets ‘the point’ for each of the topics.

  • Venue: Rotterdam
  • Hospitability and culture: Den Bosch
  • Accomodation: Maastricht
  • Transport: Rotterdam/Den Bosch
  • Finances: Rotterdam
  • Local support: Maastricht

All in all, we can conclude that this really seems to be a three horse race to host Eurovision 2020. The least attention so far has gone to the Den Bosch bid, but they come out rather well. They finish on top for two of the topics and do really well on Local support as well. They’re also one of only two cities to have come up with an actual budget so far. If the EBU sees what we do, they’re a good outsider, esepcially looking at the Hospitability criterium.

Maastricht are confident of their Eurovision 2020 case, but it’s less convincing for us. Sure, they do well on Hospitability and win for Accomodation and Local support, but they don’t excell anywhere. Even on those two topics they win, there’s a lot left to be desired for or competition is almost as strong. Don’t forget how far away Maastricht is for many in the Netherlands. It would be easier to go there from Frankfurt or Paris than for those from northern cities like Veendam or Den Helder. If Maastricht wins the Host City Bidding Process, their strong lobby has definitely helped them.

The favourite has to be Rotterdam. Their finances are looking good and their venue is hard to argue with. Their slogan (Rotterdam. For real.) is not the most creative, but the humble attitude may just work for them. Against the theatre both Maastricht and Den Bosch came up with for the ceremony today, the laid back approach of Rotterdam looked professional and subtle. In terms of facts, it’s hard to argue with Rotterdam as host city for Eurovision 2020.

All in all, it’s heart versus head. The head would very clearly shout for Rotterdam, but the heart screams for Den Bosch or even Maastricht. It seems both Arnhem and Utrecht (cycle courier, public transport for delegations, a large tent and not a single penny to be invested) are fighting a lost battle.

Would you agree that Rotterdam, followed by Den Bosch and Maastricht, look like the strongest bids for Eurovision 2020? Let us know!

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