Eurovision 2020 host city race: Den Bosch and Utrecht reportedly eliminated with final two unveiled next week

This evening, NOS has revealed that the two cities who will remain to fight it out to be the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be unveiled next week. These will reportedly be two of Arnhem, Maastricht and Rotterdam with the latter two being the favourites. Consequently, NOS reports that Den Bosch and Utrecht have been eliminated from the race.

Two cities shortlisted

The Committee in charge of selecting the host city has confirmed to NOS that two cities have been shortlisted. According to NOS, Utrecht’s bid was somewhat of a formality and have no real desire to host. Additionally, Den Bosch is believed to not have enough hotel rooms to support the bid. Therefore, NOS believes these two to be firmly out of the race.

Rotterdam firm favourite?

Of the believed final three, Arnhem is expected to miss out on the basis of a lack of provision for dressing rooms and press centre availability. NOS reports that Rotterdam is a cert to be one of the final two, with Maastricht having a slight edge over Arnhem.

Does this mean Rotterdam enters the final phase of the host city race as firm favourite? NOS certainly thinks so! The final decision is expected in August.

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