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Spain: Operación Triunfo casting begins in October

Another edition of Operación Triunfo is starting to take shape. In three months, the casting for the 2020 edition will start in Barcelona. During several weeks the OT team will visit another eight cities: Bilbao, Madrid, Málaga, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla and Valencia. The next edition will this way start later than the two previous ones. The OT team leaded by Noemí Galera will this way select the 16 hopefuls.

According to RTVE, the dates and venues where the selection tests will be held will be announced very soon. The anonymous artists who performed in the OT Fest together with the contestants of OT 2017 and OT 2018 have a direct pass for the casting. Do you like to sing? Don’t miss this chance. Who knows if you don’t end up in the Eurovision stage.

Operación Triunfo and Eurovision

The first relation between OT and Eurovision goes back to 2002. The top three contestants of the first edition of OT qualified for the Eurovision phase, which consisted of a semi-final and a final. After winning OT, Rosa also won the Eurovision phase, and ended up representing Spain in Tallin with “Europe’s living a celebration”. She came 7th out of 24 countries.

After Rosa’s success, the same format was used in 2003. After placing third in the second edition of OT, Beth was selected to represent Spain in Riga with “Dime”. She placed 8th at the contest, with 12 points from Portugal and Israel.

In 2004 OT was used once again as the backgroud to select the Spanish representative. The top four of OT qualified for the Eurovision phase, and Ramón won it with “Para llenarme de ti”.

After a long break, OT returned in 2018, and was used in the last two years to select the Spanish hopeful for Eurovision. However, despite the success achieved betweem 2002-2004, this last two attemps gave Spain a low result in the scoreboard. Will they use the format for a third year in a row?

In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy Miki’s performance at Eurovision 2019.

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