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Benjamin Ingrosso composes song for K-Pop group NCT Dream

When two worlds collide...

A few weeks after releasing his new single “Costa Rica”, it has been revealed that Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso has composed a track for K-Pop group NCT Dream. The song will be part of a new album from this group which is due to be released on 29 July.

Working internationally

Benjamin has worked on the song “Bye My First…” for NCT Dream alongside Livvi Franc and Louis Schoor. Louis in particular is no stranger to working with Benjamin, as they wrote his Eurovision 2018 entry “Dance You Off”.

“Bye My First…” will be a B-Side track to NCT Dream’s new album We Boom. While Benjamin composed the song, various members of the Korean group wrote it.

The pop genre song “Bye My First…” is accepting separation with a cool and composed attitude”

Details of “Bye My First…” via NCT Dream’s company SM Entertainment
The above image shows writing/composing credits for NCT Dream’s upcoming album. The names on here include Eurovision 2018’s Benjamin Ingrosso

This isn’t the first time a Eurovision artist has participated in the making of a song for a K-Pop group. Last year, Krista Siegfrids worked with AOA on their song “Bingle Bangle”, as we interviewed her about it back in January.

Who are NCT Dream?

NCT Dream is one of three sub-units of the group NCT under SM Entertainment. SM is considered to be one of the “Big 3” of entertainment companies in South Korea. Members follow a “graduation system” where they stay in the group until they turn 20 in Korean age, or 19 internationally. The first members debuted in October 2016. NCT Dream currently consists of six members.

Benjamin Ingrosso in Eurovision 2018

After winning Melodifestivalen 2018, Benjamin went on to represent Sweden in Portugal with his song “Dance You Off”. He finished 2nd in the semi final and 7th overall in the grand final.

How do you feel about the world of Eurovision and K-Pop colliding? Will there be an increase in European artists writing and composing for South Korean groups in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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