Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… Norway

In this week’s quiz, it’s Norwegian trivia time! A country often known in recent years for high quality pop and other genres, and a favourite of many, including myself. Test your knowledge of their participation in Eurovision. They’ve had high highs, from their three winners, and several lows. But how much do you know about their Eurovision entries?

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. This is where I announce a short hiatus, the series won’t continue for the next four weeks, so expect Poland on August 28th. This is for two reasons, firstly, holidays, and secondly, a realisation that I’m going to run out of countries soon! This way this’ll take us to November, rather than October, for United Kingdom, the final active country. Then, I can start working on a big quiz covering the whole decade to finish off the year. This has been a brief update on the current plans for ESCXtra Trivia. In the meantime, take the trivia quiz and show us how well you know Norway!

Norway last hosted Eurovision in which city?

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Oslo hosted in 2010 and also in 1996. Norway has hosted elsewhere though, second city Bergen hosted in 1986 following their first win.

Norway's most recent top 10 result was achieved by what song?

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Worth noting that since Margaret Berger in 2013, only two Norwegian entries have failed to reach the top 10, one their non-qualifier of Agnete, and the other, Alexander Rybak. They're one of the most quietly successful countries in the contest right now.

Norway hold which unwanted Eurovision records?

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They used to be famously unsuccessful in the earlier days of the contest. They've turned that right around since, well, they still have had 3 last places in the 21st century. So maybe not. But current Norway looks like going nowhere near last.

How many joik songs have been sent by Norway to Eurovision?

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I hope no one could forget the awesome Spirit In The Sky this year. The Norwegian entry in 1980 also included joiking, and the title (but not the lyrics) was in the Sami language.

Norway's first winner, by Bobbysocks, was called La Det Swinge. What does this translate to?

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The song is a call back to the days of rock n roll.

Nocturne, Norway's second winner, was notable for a near complete absence of what?

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With only 24 words being sung throughout the song, it is the winner with the least amount of words. And it is absolutely gorgeous. The mid 90s new-age craze in Eurovision is one of its best ever trends.

Wig Wam, Norway's entry in 2005, performed In My Dreams in what genre?

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They were the glammiest of glam metal, perhaps even paving the way for Lordi to win the following year. Every Nordic country should have an entry like this in their back catalogue (looking at you Denmark, and no, Anti-Social Media aren't good enough).

Which entry was the most recent Norwegian entry to feature lyrics in Norwegian?

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The oldest entry on this list. The other three feature Northern Sami, Swahili and Spanish respectively, but no Norwegian has been seen in the contest for 13 years at this point.

Margaret Berger's critically acclaimed 2013 entry 'I Feed You My Love' won the Norwegian selection Melodi Grand Prix and was a huge success in the contest and among fans. Who wrote it?

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Karin Park is a singer by trade herself and has songs similar to this. Bjork and Karin Dreijer (The Knife) are Nordic musicians who perform in similar styles. I hope this question motivates you to go listen to I Feed You My Love again.

Mørland, the intense male half of Norway's 2015 'A Monster Like Me', lived in which Eurovision hosting city in the UK for several years?

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I should resist from gushing about this entry too. It's also stunning. Anyway, yes, he fronted a British band called Absent Elk, and lived in Brighton while doing so (after graduating from Kingston, which is why London is not an option to avoid confusion).

Eurovision Trivia: Norway
You are Alexander Rybak!

Perhaps not welcomed by Eurovision fans anymore after his... controversial 2018 entry, Norway's most recent winner, held at the time the points record for Eurovision, a record that was not beaten until the scoring system was changed. Fairytale is one of the best of the best, according to Eurovision. Well done on this quiz result, you've done excellently!
You are KEiiNO!

KEiiNO's performance is certainly not to be sniffed at, they won the televote after all. But coming so close, and yet so far, they didn't go home winners, and unfortunately you haven't either. But you've still done very well.
You are Tooji!

Norway's most recent addition to their collection of last-placers, I'm sorry guys

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