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KAN win Booster award for Eurovision 2019 Accessibility project

Just two and a half months ago, Israel’s national broadcaster KAN hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. Now, they have received their first award for the shows – it’s a Booster award for their accessibility project and broadcasting of the shows with sign language interpretation as well as audio description!

The Israeli Marketing Association gives the Booster award to the most successful and disruptive technology or ideas. In this case, the award was given to KAN for their new and successful accessible broadcasts of the Eurovision 2019 shows. You can see some highlights from the accessible broadcasts below, in the tweet in which KAN announced that they had won the award:

The challenge of accessibility

Translating from Hebrew to Israeli Sign Language is difficult enough, but to be translating from all the different languages used in Eurovision and the songs to Israeli Sign Language is a whole other level! One of the interpreters says:

I really love this language and I really love the community, so it’s important for me to translate authentically. When someone sings with emotion, you can’t just translate it in a monotone way. This is why, from the side, it may look like I’m really over-excited!

There’s also the difficulty that audio descriptors face, with explaining what is happening on stage without interrupting the song.

We applaud KAN, the interpreters and the audio descriptors for their hard work on making Eurovision 2019 available to the entire population, and congratulate them on their winning of the Booster award!

Did you watch KAN’s accessible broadcasts of Eurovision 2019? Do you hope to see them again next year from the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA

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