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OT 2018 contestant Alfonso La Cruz interested in Eurovision participation

He was the first to be eliminated in last year’s Operación Triunfo, but that certainly hasn’t dampened Alfonso La Cruz’s spirits. He has expressed his interest of competing in Eurovision in a recent interview, as well as promoting his new single that was released last week.

New single, new hopes

Speaking to El Televisero, Alfonso speaks mainly about his new single “Nadie Te Va A Querer” (“Nobody Is Going To Love You”). In just a matter of days, it has already reached half a million views on YouTube. The song has elements of trap in it along with some urban sounds, to which Alfonso believes it represents him 100%.

The interviewer brings up part of the lyrics to the song and questions Alfonso about it. The lyric brought up reads: “I don’t care that they nominate me, you know better than me, who laughs last, laughs best”. While the interviewer asked Alfonso who this was aimed at, he simply replied that this lyric fits the rest of the song. Furthermore, he goes on to say that even though he finished last in OT, he still has the possibility to do whatever he wants.

You can listen to “Nadie Te Va A Querer” here:

“Why not?”

Concluding the interview, Alfonso was asked if he would be interested in representing Spain in Eurovision in the near future. To this, he answered:

Yes, if I am offered to participate in a gala to represent Spain, I would be delighted to go. But I would like the theme of my song to be Latino. I would like to represent Spain in Eurovision, why not?

Alfonso La Cruz speaking to El Televisero

Anyone for some Latino vibes in Eurovision? Alfonso would certainly bring that to the contest!

Would you like to see Alfonso represent Spain in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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