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“The Masked Singer” Germany: Is Max Mutzke one of the contestants?

Is Max Mutzke the "Astronaut", or is someone else hiding under the mask?

What is “The Masked Singer”?

“The Masked Singer” is a reality singing competition that originated in South Korea under the name “King of Mask Singer”. The format involves celebrities singing while dressed in elaborate costumes in order to conceal their true identity. Every week the audience gets to vote for their favourite. Afterwards, the celebrity with the least votes has to leave the competition and reveal their identity.

Eurovision meets “The Masked Singer”

The first week already made a connection to Eurovision. After it was announced that the “Octopus” received the lowest amount of votes, Lucy Diakovskia, an ex member of the No Angels, was revealed as the singer behind the mask. The No Angels competed for Germany at Eurovision 2008 with their song “Disappear” and placed 23rd out of 25 with a total of 14 points.

Lucy Diakovska reveals herself as the “Octopus”

Is Max Mutzke the “Astronaut”?

In 2004, Max Mutzke competed for Germany in Eurovision and scored 8th place with the song “Can’t Wait Until Tonight”, one of Germany’s best results in the 2000s. Already in the first week, the “Astronaut” established himself as one of the fan-favourites. Serving an over the top costume, stellar stage presence and amazing vocals, he made it all the way to the finale. Nevertheless, we still don’t know his identity and fans have been speculating since day one. A lot of different celebrities have been named but one name keeps popping up again and again: Max Mutzke. Generally, people see a lot of similarities in their voices and style of singing, especially in the high notes.

But what do you think? Is Max Mutzke the “Astronaut”, or is it an entirely different person? Any way, we will find out tomorrow evening, when the final will air at 20:15 on ProSieben and a winner will be crowned.

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