New Music Friday with Jessica Mauboy, Douwe Bob, Amaia, MARUV and more!

Another week comes to an end and that means it’s New Music Friday! So it’s time to share the best new releases we’ve found from the Eurovision world. Over the following pages is everything you need to know for your Summer party playlists.

Jessica Mauboy – ‘Just Like You’

First up and making us get all the feels for this New Music Friday is Jessica Mauboy with another release from her upcoming album Hilda. With the release due on 18th October, Jessica has been busy giving fans a teaser of her most personal and heartfelt album to date with each new single. Recently she released ‘Sunday’, ‘Blessing’ and ‘Little Things‘. Now she bares her soul on another emotional anthem in ‘Just Like You’. The gospel tinged piano ballad emotes the passion of finding a love as strong as her parents and how she’s reminder of the connection with own father – who inspired and supported her love of music growing up. “He’s a good man, just like you.”

Douwe Bob – ‘Summer In Your Eyes’

Last year Douwe Bob released his fourth studio album The Shape I’m In. Now the Dutch crooner is back with a light-hearted, feel good song about the giddiness of love. ‘Summer In Your Eyes’ shows a softer side of Douwe, with its guitar pop strings laced with a retro electronic beat. Behind the cheesy metaphors the lyrics tell the story of being parted from a loved one, “away from home, almost every night.” But when summer comes around home will return.

Amaia – ‘Quedará En Nuestra Mente’

With her debut album due later this year, for now Amaia is wanting to stay in our minds on her third single ‘Quedará En Nuestra Mente’. Don’t be fooled by the easy listening Latin melody and Amaia’s soft vocals. There is a deeper personal meaning to this song. It’s a story of feeling trapped and lost in a difficult relationship, but the liberation and acceptance of being able to move on. Of course the double meaning won’t be lost on many on seeing the music video. The opening section starting with Amaia fleeing a singing competition not dissimilar to Operación Triunfo, where she won the 2017 edition. Amaia is turning the mirror on herself reflecting on that time and how now she’s free to express herself and music the way she wants to.

Gromee – ‘Love You Better’

Poland’s most famous DJ and Eurovision 2018 representative, Gromee, continues to deliver hit after hit. This time he’s taken an unknown female vocalist to create his most commercial pop banger yet. ‘Love You Better’ is also an apologetic anthem about trying to be a better person. The tropical beats and horn notes are a perfect soundtrack to soak up the heatwave with. Make sure to enjoy the summer vibes in the video with a rollerskating tour of Miami beach.

Maria Isabel – ‘Tu Mirada’

Cast your mind back to the early days of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and you will remember a flamenco bop that won for Spain in 2004. That was a very young Maria Isabel with ‘Antes Muerta Que Sencilla’. More recently Maria attempted to represent Spain in Eurovision itself, entering Objetivo Eurovision with ‘La vida sólo es una‘. Now just like the nation making its return to Junior Eurovision, Maria makes her music comeback with ‘Tu Mirada’. All grown up the song, which means ‘Your Look’ in English, is a sultry urban trap banger. It relates the intoxicating feeling of a passionate, mysterious love. The steamy lyrics are accompanied by an equally steamy video as Maria sneaks her man into a supermarket after hours.

MARUV – ‘Mezhdu nami’

Keeping things ‘Between Us’ is Ukraine’s biggest export right now, MARUV. Continually adapting her look, sound and not showing any signs of slowing down, MARUV has at least musically slowed things down with her latest single. This also being her first release in Russian since becoming the most talked about star not to go to Eurovision. In a change of pace, ‘Mezhdu nami’ is a sizzling sensual song about a forbidden love, sneaking a guy into her room. Now it seems clear how Netta and MARUV collaborated at Europa Plus Live recently – listen out for the random meowing and chicken noises! However, MARUV enjoys challenging people’s perceptions of female sexuality and ownership of self empowerment. So of course the music video full of provocative innuendo. Soon MARUV will also be taking her stage craft to the ballroom, as she will be participating in the Ukrainian version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Lola Indigo, Don Patricio – ‘Lola Bunny’

Despite her early exit in OT 2017, Mimi Doblas otherwise known as Lola Indigo and her troupe of dancers have lit a fuego across the Spanish charts. Becoming one of the Spanish reality show’s most successful exports with debut album Akelarre storming to the number 1 spot with its catalogue of reggaeton and trap-funk, flamenco fusion beats, such as ‘Ya No Quiero Ná’ and ‘Fuerte‘. Now she and her ladies are back and have teamed up with Don Patricio on New Music Friday for ‘Lola Bunny’. Showing her flirty side and hoping to find her Bugs bunny with her moves in the club. Yet it appears we’re channelling a live action version of Space Jam with a basketball themed music video.

Lina Hedlund – ‘Deeper Love’

Although she wasn’t victorious in this year’s Melodifestivalen, that hasn’t stopped the former Alcazar songstress from delighting schlager fans with new bops. After the recent release of ‘Breathe’, Lina returns with new single ‘Deeper Love’. Much like the division of the lyrics “either you love me or you don’t”, ‘Deeper Love’ is a contrast of a mid-tempo build, which ascends into a symphony of tropical beats. Meanwhile Lina rolls through the key changes like the pro she is, imploring vocally as much as the lyrics.

High15 – ‘Armour’

Our favourite Melodifestivalen girlband are back! The quartet are busy touring the summer Swedish music festivals and writing new music. However they still find time to treat us to new releases. This year they have already released ‘Back To Me’ and ‘High On Love’, now they return ‘Armour’. Each song has shown a different side of the girls sound and this new song continues that trend. Showing a maturity beyond their years, it oozes in silky r&b, slow jam beats as they relate a sultry story of love.

Feli – ‘Cand rasare soarele’

Finally to close out New Music Friday. We never did forget the heartbreak of ‘Royalty’ somehow not representing Romania back in 2018. However little did people know that Feli was going through the bittersweet passage of both losing her father and impending motherhood. After reflecting that maybe Eurovision wasn’t meant to be, that hasn’t stopped Feli releasing a string of hits in the past year. Now Feli comes with a perfect anthem for the summer in ‘Cand rasare soarele’ or ‘When The Sun Rises’. With urban fusion and an addictive traditional flute breakdown this pop track is an inspiring message of hope. “The world is good and bad. You’re on your way. Blessing is when the sun rises.” It shows triumph over adversity, the story of Feli’s life and how to appreciate what we have and the opportunities we can make for ourselves.

That was the best of New Music Friday this week. Which are your favourites? Have we missed anything? We may include it in a future week! Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA

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