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MARUV confirmed for Ukraine’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Former Eurovision host also taking part in new season

Despite her Eurovision journey being unfortunately cut short this year, Ukraine’s MARUV is hoping for success on the dancefloor. The Vidbir 2019 winner has been announced as a contestant on the country’s next season of Dancing With The Stars.

Confirming the news on her official Instagram page, the 27 year old expressed her excitement at taking part in the upcoming season, which premieres on August 25th.

Ta-da! I am taking part in Dancing with the Stars. It means that by the new year, I will become a great dancer. I will pump up the press and work the cross splits!

MARUV is no stranger to a flawless stage performance, as she proved in her impressive choreography for Siren Song. Despite winning the ticket to Tel Aviv, Maruv made the decision not to represent her country, due to the poor treatment received by UA: PBC.

Taking part in the show alongside MARUV is Vova Ostapchuk, one of the three hosts of the 2017 contest. He also took to Instagram to share his excitement and nerves in accepting the challenge.

I always danced, as if no one sees me 🤦‍♂️🤪
This fall my dancing will see the whole country 🔥

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