Mahmood’s ‘Soldi’ keeps on rising

The Italian singer's Eurovision entry continues to hit milestones.

‘Soldi’ continues to be a hit across the world, hitting the 100 million milestone on Spotify as well as further chart success.

Italy’s Mahmood has continued his post-Eurovision success with his song ‘Soldi’, by continuing to to pass milestones with the 2019 runner-up song.

Back in June we reported that ‘Soldi’ had surpassed the 100 million view mark on YouTube, and was very close to hitting the same milestone on Spotify.

Late last week Mahmood achieved exactly that, as ‘Soldi’ became the most-listened to Italian song on the streaming platform, surpassing 100 million streams in the process.

The singer recently posted on Instagram celebrating the milestone just after ‘Soldi’ hit the 100 million mark.

Further ‘Soldi’ success

As well as hitting 100 million views and streams on both YouTube and Spotify, ‘Soldi’ has now achieved platinum status across Europe. In Spain, Greece and Switzerland the song is certified as platinum selling while in Italy, the song is certified as 3X platinum.

Most recently, ‘Soldi’ went gold in The Netherlands as Mahmood’s track continues to be listened to across Europe – proving that Eurovision can propel songs and artists to continued success across the continent.

Alexi Demetriadi

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