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Duncan Laurence confirms new music is on the way

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 winner Duncan Laurence recently appeared on ‘A-List Pop on Beats 1‘ where he spoke to Apple Music Pop Playlister ‘Arjan Writes’ about his Eurovision journey, what he’s like as a song-writer, along with the plans of releasing new music.
Duncan took the time to thank Arjan for the interview

‘Duncan’s Eurovision Journey’

The interview started with Arjan telling Duncan when he saw him perform ‘Arcade’ on the Dutch television show ‘De Wereld Draait Doorand how he performed a different arrangement to the one released, he explained the decision to do this:

It was an acoustic version, because we all know like the sound in TV could sometimes be switched up, like the way you don’t want to be, so I decided to go for that first impression.

Duncan on performing a different arrangement of Arcade

Duncan also mentioned how his first performance changed everything and how everyone in Holland suddenly knew about him. Arjan also pointed out that ‘Arcade’ was not a typical Eurovision material and ended up following Duncan’s Eurovision journey.

“What is Life Now?”

In addition to talking about his Eurovision experiences, Arjan also asked Duncan about how his life is, now that he was won the contest and has now become a household name in The Netherlands, all within six months. Arjan asked ‘What does that do with you mentally?’ and Duncan talked about how it was a lot of pressure and with people wanting to know what your next steps are.

Of course there are some negative parts, like it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of pressure, a lot of people watching you, a lot of people wanna know what your next steps will be, but to be honest I just fully enjoy everything that’s happening.

Duncan on what his life is like after winning the Eurovision Song Contest

Duncan also went on to say that he is thankful for the chance that he’s been given, especially to present his music, to the Dutch people, to the European people and hopefully to the American people at some point in the future.

Later on in the interview Duncan and Arjan talked about how nobody prepares you when you participate in Eurovision, with Duncan describing his Eurovision journey as ‘a roller coaster ride that you don’t wanna get off’.

What is Duncan like as a song-writer?

The interview also looks into what Duncan is like as a song-writer, and when Duncan started to write songs.

I don’t think I ever realised I have a talent for it, I just like to put my emotions into music.

Duncan on Song-Wiritng

Duncan talked about how he was bullied when he was in primary and high school and how he isolated himself when there is too much negative energy around him, and within this cycle he found this ‘safe haven’ which is music, which he mentions was around 12 years old.

Music was my way to express my stories without being judged by anyone, it was just that safe haven where I could make mistakes and the mistakes would turn into these incredible things.

Duncan on how music helped him express himself

During the interview Duncan told Arjan who inspired him as a song writer, in which he said that the likes of Elvis Prestley, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

Elaborating further Duncan mentions that its not the songs or the music itself that inspires him, but it’s more the story of the song, of the artist, then the music comes. With Duncan he mentions that it’s more about the story, because of his background.

Plans for New Music

Since winning the Eurovision Song Contest a few months back Duncan has released an acoustic version of his entry ‘Arcade’. During his interview Duncan talked to Arjan about what his plans are for new music.

At the time of the interview, Duncan was at Los Angeles, where he was writing new music. He has confirmed that a new single is on its way, and a lot of music is coming up.

Duncan has also expressed that he would like to release an album at some point in the future, but has said that he would like to take it step by step and that Quality comes with time.

He has mentioned that he is currently overthinking the process and is deciding between a couple of songs, he is hoping to make a decision as to which song he’ll be releasing by the end of the month.

Duncan Laurence at the Eurovision Song Contest

The Netherlands internally selected Duncan Laurence to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. In Tel Aviv, Duncan managed to bring The Netherlands to the Grand Final for a fourth consecutive year.

In addition to his participation in the Grand Final, Duncan also managed to win the ‘Press Award’ for the ‘Marcel Bezençon Awards’ as voted for by the Press.

And after 44 years, Duncan managed to win the Eurovision Song Contest for The Netherlands. The last time the country won the contest was in 1975 with “Ding-a-dong”.

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